‘The Second Crucifixion’

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Gandhi’s death shows how dangerous it is to be good. George Bernard Shaw.

Tributes to Mahatma Gandhi (

On 2nd October the nation celebrated Gandhi Jayanti and Shastri Jayanti. Many schools, colleges, universities & other organizations had organized wonderful thought-provoking seminars on simple living of these two great human beings. President Kovind ji , PM Modi ji , Council of ministers, Leaders of opposition and the entire world extended their tributes to these great humans.

Every thing was going all right but ….. something was not acceptable ! But what ?
Something happened which shocked everyone ; on Gandhi Jayanti the social media twitter handle was showing a paradoxical trend!! The murderer of Gandhiji was glorified and was being supported for his crime by many people.

There were # to support this criminal and shockingly Indians supported these trends !
Its a shameful act, these narrow minded anti-social elements were supporting a heinous crime that is murder. As a law student I know that murder is a crime / (punishable offence) as per IPC which is to be punished and not to be glorified or supported.

This ideology is Toxic

This criminal was convicted by the honourable court and was hanged for his crime that is murder!

This means that a murder at least in a civilized India is a punishable crime and not a thing to be celebrated or glorified.
So the anti-social elements were supporting a criminal who was convicted by our honorable court shame full Indians!!

I have never seen our beloved PM Modi ji praising this staunch criminal. Then who are these Indians or who are these Humans who are supporting assassination.

One may disagree with Gandhi ji in many aspects, Rabindranath Tagore had very particular disagreements with Gandhi’s philosophy but both respected each other and intellectually debated their disagreements openly.
Even Pandit Nehru disagreed with some of Gandhi’s thoughts , but still they respected each other.
Gandhi ji himself had denied the ideology called Gandhism. According to him he was just in search of truth and any person at any point of time can come up with new concepts in search of truth. Gandhi’s philosophy was an open book of ideas in search of truth !

The point is disagreements can not justify murder.

But unfortunately anti social elements were supporting this staunch coward criminal.
Yes this murderer was coward as brave and intelligent people try to solve their disagreements by negotiations and not by murdering that person. This policy of negotiation and solving the disagreements amicably is noting but the core base of Gandhism.

If one will argue about the fundamental right to freedom of speech and expression , what will be their reaction if there are supporters of Ajmal Kasab !

Let’s try to become more mature and try reading more books of/on Gandhiji, let’s read the critique of Gandhi’s philosophy and then form an opinion.
But just by reading two paragraphs from whatsapp university and then madly supporting the murderer is nothing but a madness. This madness has not come suddenly but it has evolved time and again. Since this cruel assassination some radical organizations time and again have justified this murder terming this assassination as work done to protect the Dharma.

This is not the first time , earlier also Hindu Mahasabha leader imitated Godse, shooted at Gandhi’s effigy on death anniversary ! After this they distributed sweets.

This core thinking is toxic and very harmful for India.

A Radical Organisation celebrating the Assassination of Mahatma Gandhiji
Few years ago there was a play, named ‘Me Nathuram Godse Boltoy’ a two-act play written in Marathi language. It has been written by late Pradeep Dalvi. Through this play the writer tries to glorify the heinous crime of firing four bullets on 79 year old aging leader. It is alleged that the so called upper caste of Maharashtra have a soft corner and support for heinous criminal.

The support to criminals is world wide issue. Be it assassins of the great President Abraham Lincoln , reformer Martin Luther King Jr are till date celebrated. And unfortunately these assassins are still glorified.

‘Disagreement cannot Justify Murder, can all human beings come together and accept this point ?

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  1. This writing can be called as elementary at best, and the very childish tone reminded me of something that a fourth grader would have written for his inter school essay competition. The content has some kind of a problem which I think is obvious to anyone reading it (for starters the author needs to take a good course in elementary English grammar) which makes the tone is quite funny. The author, however biased and however ignorant he is, has failed to put out any genuine arguments through this write-up.
    As mentioned in paragraph 3, he seems to be a law student. Here is some genuine advice for him.
    1. Stop doing internships at random ‘portals’ just because they entertain your half baked write ups for free.
    2. Read, read as much as you can. Do not limit yourself just to your assigned books. I hope that you’re not way into law school. It is never too late.
    3.You are free to contact me on my cell +1 586 217 6798 if you want some extended advice. I am an ex army colonel who lives with his son in Seattle and has a lot of time on his hands.
    C. Ravindra Ramakrishnan (Chennai/Seattle)

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